HRD-Logbook to Google Earth overlay generator by OH2ECG


On this page you can download a Windows program that generates a Google Earth overlay showing the paths of QSOs retrieved from a Ham Radio Deluxe logbook.

In addition the program can create an HTML-format statistics and bar graph report of your QSO.

Multiple filtering options are provided to limit the amount of presented QSOs.


Installation of software

This software is delivered as in installation package named setup_hrdl2map.exe. You can find the download link at the end of this page.

Download and install the software from the installation package like any other Windows software. After installation there is a new folder OH2ECG software in your Start-menu and a new entry HRDL2MAP by OH2ECG within the folder.

If you chose to also create a desktop icon during installation, you will find the corresponding icon there:

Using the software

After starting the software the following form is presented:

The first thing you need to do is to provide login information to you HRD Logbook database.

The default Ham Radio Deluxe installation creates and uses a Microsoft Access database and the login information in this case is:

If you have moved your logbook to a different database engine, you most probably also know the information required in these three fields.

Next press Connect to database. If an error message is presented then the login information is not correct.

After successful login the remaining fields on the form become accessible:

Using these fields you can filter the types of QSOs being presented in the Google Earth overlay. Filters are provided for:

After you have selected the filtering criteria and entered your own locator, you can press the Make map button.

The software will start processing your log and creating the Google Earth overlay. This can be a time consuming job depending on the speed of your computer(s), the amount of QSOs in your log etc. On my personal tests some queries with roughly 20000 QSO on an Access-database have taken up to 3 minutes.

When the database query completes, Google Earth is automatically opened and it will prepare an overlay of the QSO info. Again this can take up to a couple of minutes depending on the same things as with the query. After Google Earth has processed the information you can see the fetched QSOs as thin white lines on the surface of the globe:

Now you can rotate and zoom around the globe and find your points of interest. Zooming close enough around the end points of the QSO lines you will also see the callsign, mode and band of the worked stations:

The software will also create and open a text file containing some debugging information about the processed entries. This can be useful if it looks like you are not seeing some QSOs you'd expect to be shown on the map:


When you press the Make statistics button, the program will generate an HTML-format report showing some statistics and bar graphs about your QSO:

Special notes about the selection of bands and modes

The band selection dropdown list contains all bands found in your logbook plus a special entry All which, if selected, will accept QSOs on any band.

The mode selection dropdown list contains all modes found in your logbook plus a few special entries:

Special notes about the locators

The software uses up to 6 character long Maidenhead grid locators such as KP20JI to calculate the distances between your own station and the stations you have worked. Shorter locators such as KP20 are accepted but the results will naturally not be as accurate as with the longer ones.


This software is purely a personal contribution, it is not a product of any company.

I provide this software free of charge to the ham radio community and other parties who may find it interesting or useful. There is no support and absolutely no guarantees for this software.

The source code of this software is not and will not be made public due to the fact that I don't own the copyrights to some of the libraries I've used and written during my daily professional work.

You are free to use this software for any purpose be it personal, academic or commercial as long as you understand and comply with all the conditions presented in this section ('Disclaimers'), otherwise you are not allowed to download or use this software.

These terms apply to the software available for public download at the moment. The terms of possible future versions of this software may change at any time without prior notice.

Download software

HRDLog2MAP by OH2ECG v1.4 (about 500 kB)

Version history


If you have any comments about this software, you're welcome to e-mail me to If you are a ham radio operator and find it useful, your paper QSL card via the bureau as a simple greeting without QSO info would be appreciated.

10th November 2021
73 de Ari OH2ECG